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 Really Posh People and Holistic Wellness

Welcome to our website first (intro) blog post.

I choose to create a blog about holistic wellness, focusing on personal growth, relationships, wellness and spirituality because helping people is my life calling. I have been in the helping profession for over 20 years and I’d like to share my experience as a professional wellness and life empowerment coach to inspire and empower you to get what you want.

I have a multicultural experience having lived and served in different continents (Africa, Asia and North America). My education backgrounds, training and work experiences with diverse populations and culture as well as different age groups equipped me to know how to help people get what they want. 

The first thing people want to know about holistic wellness is the vital parts that make up the whole and how to integrate all these elements in a way that will enhance their life experiences and personal wellness. As you may know, holistic wellness is multi-dimensional, including physical, emotional, spiritual, social, financial, professional,  workplace, environmental and academic or intellectual wellness. Hence, wellness is all-encompassing and its elements are interconnected with one another.

I can help people in so many different ways get what they so much desire and live the lives of their dreams with enhanced life satisfaction and happiness! I can help them to know how to strike balance between work, family commitments and personal care to avoid burn out, how to set, implement and assess realistic goal, how to manage stress, how to build healthy habits and nutrition education, how to find, develop and maintain mutually satisfying relationships, time planning and management, academic and career success, public speaking with confidence, dealing with self defeating beliefs, increasing sense of self worth and self image e. t. c.

Story Behind the Blog

 Passion to serve people started very early in my life even though at that time I didn’t recognize it until later when the pursuit of purpose became what really mattered. I could remember how I would support my parents in their businesses and took full charge of operating and managing my mum’s store whenever she got sick and I often accompanied her to medical appointments. I could remember, in several appointments, how the doctors would told my mom  the need for her to lose weight for health reasons. I didn’t quite understand the importance of not allowing excess calories in your body at that time because the medical practitioners' advice  was contrary to well acceptable norm in my environment in those days, believing that a married woman that was well taken care by her husband should add very obvious weight. In fact, failure to add weight after your marriage would raise a concern in the hearts of your loved ones, questioning if you are enjoying your marital life or enduring it. What a height of ignorance!

The desire to prevent obesity grew in me seeing how my precious mom battled with lifestyle opportunity terminal illness and how she had to forsook her dreams, lost her life savings and treasures and had to depend on pills for over three decades. That was horrible! I don’t wish it even for my enemies. Passion for health, fitness and wellness was rooted in me through exposure to mom's health struggle coupled with other cases I saw in loved ones as well as work-related experiences. Anything health turns me on! When your health and wellness are stolen by stressful life events or toxic people, a lot had been stolen. So, we need to defend our state of health jealously.

In my search, I further discovered the significance of holistic wellness, paying attention to all elements of wellness because they are closely inter-related to one another. For instance, i have seen how emotional pain resulting from bad relationships could lead to suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts; how victims of abuse could lose their endurance and hope, got exhausted and burnt out followed by taking negative decision or acting in ways that hurt the precious children they loved so much, including the abusers and themselves. I have seen and heard many cases that would make anyone privy to such information to wake up and take their personal wellness very serious. Many times, people downplay the impacts of emotional pain and pay little or no attention to it as they would have done to physical pain or illness. I want you to know that emotional pain is real and if not well attended to, it can result in mental challenges. Seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Please, reach out for support when you need it.

What of personal growth? Society is evolving and to maintain your relevance, you need to embrace life long learning. Can you imagine, typewriting skill is obsolete and there are so many other skills that are no longer in demand. Also, i have seen situation where one of the couples quit developing their skills or career after they got married. This is placing yourself in a disadvantaged position. Both partners ought to be developing together, not pegging the growth of one at the expense of the other. Fair game is the healthy game. Mutual growth and satisfaction are significant to marital fulfillment. Here is my gentle plea: keep growing, don’t stop learning. Do you know that learning do support cognitive health? So, continue to learn new things. Find out what you will enjoy and dive into knowing more about it.

About Ade_Ola

To mention a few, i have worked with students (all ages) either as a teacher or educational assistant in formal school setting as well as group leader in programs outside of school  settings.  I have worked on crisis line to support people in crisis and for suicide prevention. I have also served special population such as people living with mental health issues, intellectual disabilities and physical impairment.

I do premarital coaching for engaged people planning to get married as well as relationship-marriage-family enrichment coaching for couples and family members. Also, i function as a peer wellness educator in post high school and offer spiritual care, mentoring, coaching and church health in Christian settings.

Holistic Wellness in a Nutshell

"All the aspects of our wellness are important and none of them should be ignored in order to experience a full life. A lot of factors can throw your physical, emotional and mental wellness off balance. So, you've got to look at your wellness using multi-dimensional lens and attend to warning signals as they show up in a timely manner." Ade Ola.

Financial Wellness. Come to think of your financial wellness. Lack of adequate finance for life essentials can lead to financial stress. Inability to pay your bills or provide for your children basic needs will make a responsible and caring parent to be sad. Hence it is important to know how to make good money that will support your standard of living without being in debt, how to make your hard-earned money work for you the most, importance of savings and how to add work from home side hustle to your regular day job and operate it in your free time instead of binge watching TV programs.  

Physical Wellness. The role of nutrition and exercise in our physical well being cannot be over emphasized. We need to learn how to eat for nutrition, engage in appropriate exercise that suits our current state of health, knows the importance of regular sleep routine, recognizing warning signs that our bodies send to us and how to take timely necessary steps to seek and get help in a timely fashion. Furthermore, maintaining good posture is key to your physical well being. Bad posture will hurt your health physically and makes you experience pain in certain areas of your body where good posture has been compromised.


Professional wellness is king. Life is too short to dedicate it to what we dread to do each working day. It is highly rewarding to discover your passion and learn how to turn it into business that people will love to get from you.

Workplace Wellness. Also, work environment contributes to our wellness. Spending 9 am -  5 pm in a hostile, happiness sucking environment five times every week will hurt your health beyond your widest imagination. You may not be able to change the toxic people, but you can gradually plan your exit from such organization or try relocating to another department. For the meantime, seeking help to get support from trusted friends, loved ones and professionals while still searching for better workplace will do you a lot of good. Knowing how to handle office bureaucracy in a professional way without staining yourself with unhealthy politics can be a life safer.

Environmental Wellness. In addition, your environment can make you sick. Where you live can affect your sense of well being. Take for instance, living in a highly toxic environment will make us inhale polluted air which can cause health issues after prolonged exposure to the air pollutants. What of crime prone areas? Such places can disrupt sleep pattern and thought process, making you anxious and afraid, compromising your emotional and mental wellness. With the issue of global warming, we cannot but pay attention to how

Social Wellness is all about relationships with people in our lives: intimate partners and spouses, children, parents, peers, family members, colleagues. Unhealthy social relationships can put us in a place where our emotional and mental health are compromised and eventually, our physical health may catch the cold too.

Academic (Education) Wellness. This implies academic success. This is a big deal to our children, siblings, nieces, nephews, matured spouses or anyone that engages in any form of learning, be it formal or informal education. We all love success. Hence, failing in any life pursuit, including academics can trouble your wellness if you don’t handle the failure positively. If that happens, don/t beat yourself too hard, rather show yourself some love and self compassion. If unbearable, seek support. Just a gentle reminder, we all fail in some things at some points in our lives. Learn from it and move on.

With great pleasure, I welcome you on board to a place of enriching contents on holistic wellness 360 degrees.

Watch out for my next post about back to school: what college freshman should know in other to have a good head start in college or university.

Spiritual Wellness talks about your connection with the Supreme Being to draw strength that you need to fulfill your life calling and beautiful dreams as well as having the sense of security and hope that assures you of a brighter tomorrow and experience of awesome peace even in the midst of the storms of life.  


Dear reader, I can go on and on but it is impossible to share the story and experiences of almost three decades here. Let me cap it here for now by saying that You are the best Gift and you deserve a very great life! Welcome to Really Posh Gifts for Really Posh People BLOG.

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REMEMBER, You are the best Gift!



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