2020: We Can Finally Say Goodbye!

2020: We Can Finally Say Goodbye!

by Aderonke Olasunkanmi, CEO

This year have been very challenging for all people around the globe. Even, nations sneeze under the financial burden and huge responsibilities the pandemic place on them. All of us are really counting down to see 2020 pass.

The impact of covid-19 on individuals this 2020 varies but all of us are impacted one way or the other. We all participated in global and national responsibilities that the pandemic called for to tame this biological monster. Though, it is not easy but both young and old have proven our resilience. Yes, we are resilient people. We should be proud of one another.

Counting the loss will not place us in a positive mental state, so, i want to encourage us to look beyond the unpleasantness this pandemic has brought on us. Rather, let us count the gains we personally have this year. Some got married, some got a new job, some learned new skills, some started their business, some graduated from high school, college, university... , some moved to their new home and much more! So, let's look within and reflect more on the good that has happened to us this year.

This newsletter is aim to motivate you to enter the new year with a positive expectation. Don't allow the restrictions that are still in place to discourage you to aim for a great experience in the new year 2021. 

Although, we may still have to wear facemask for a while, not able to gather as a crowd, do covid-19 tests when needed, stay home for 14 days after returning from a travel, wash hands often, not hugging, keeping social distance of two meters apart, not able to watch fireworks live and so on.

Please, don't let these keep you discouraged. Rather, let's be hopeful that life will gradually return back to normal. Let's begin to think of what we will do post-covid-19 to get back to a better place as individuals, communities and a global village.

Always remember, "this too shall pass." Also, "you've got this!"
So, keep hope alive.

Try all you could to start the new year on a positive note. Ask yourself these questions and provide answer(s) to each one:
a. what am i proud of in 2020?
b. what do i need to leave behind in 2020?
c. how has 2020 affected my plans and expectations?
d. what do i need to do in 2021 to reverse the negative effect of 2020?
e. what do i want to see happen to me in 2021?
f. what do i need to do (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) to ensure i achieve my
2021 goal(s)?

Depending on which part of the world you are in and your location promixity to the international date line, we will enter the new year at different times.
Happy new year to you all. Ring in the New Year Light Up The Sky !!!
Let's Welcome the New Year 2021 with Great Expectation

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